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Air conditioners plant and production of heat transfer equipment:

The plant in an area over 102,000 square meters, including 24,500 square meters of production space and 2750 square meters of office space located in northwest of Shiraz and capital amounted to 120 billion rials in the field of design and engineering, manufacturing, assembly, installation and launched the following products operates.

  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
  • Power plant cooling systems
  • Air Cooled Condensers
  • Heller – Forgo Heat Exchangers/DELTA
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Fin Tubes and Fin Plates
  • Process Packages
  • Water Refrigeration Packages
  • Construction of refineries and industrial facilities islands and beaches
  • Manufacturing, Installation and reconstruction of fixed and mobile installations (ONSHORE)
  • Contracts execution of Turnkey, EPC, management (MC), for a variety of coastal / offshore projects in fields of engineering, procurement, manufacturing, transportation and installation of offshore installations and offshore mobile and fixed structures.
  • Construction of pier

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GRP and GPR pipe production plant:

  • Production of GRP pipes
  • The implementation of transmission line pipes
  • Design and construction of pumping station
  • Water treatment plants and pipes and tanks construction design
  • Production of pipes with a diameter of 25 mm up to 4000
  • Production of tubes with operation pressure about 1 to 32 bar
  • The production with the stiffness of the five classes of rigidity (2500-20000)
  • Production capacity 1800 km with 8 production line
  • Different diameter of pipe telescope
  • production line for the top diameter 300 mm (continuous twisting of the fibers: CFW)
  • Production line for the following 300 mm diameter (discontinuous method)
  • Do various short test about 70 such as tensile strength, rigidity, resistance to resin, curing time and etc.
  • HDB Test-In this test the performance of pressure pipe check (ASTM D2992).
  • HDB Test (procedure B)-Constant pressure, far higher than the nominal pressure pipes
  • Strain Corrosion Test (ASTM D 3681)
  • Long Term Stiffness Test (EN 1225)
  • Impact TEST (BS 5480)
  • Water Jet Test (120 bar)
  • Hydro-test, test of manufacturing tube with 2 times upper than the nominal pressure before delivery to the customer



Ahwaz reactor plant:

Design, manufacturing, installation:

  • Types of stores under the popcorn
  • Fixed and floating roof storage tanks for crude oil
  • Spherical tanks separation process
  • Distillation towers and refinery reactors
  • Chemical injection packages
  • Steel Structural
  • High-pressure heaters, Feller, industrial chimneys, etc.



Design and manufacture of steel structures plant:

The manufacturer of heavy steel containing structures types of light and heavy steel structure design of the Hall, a variety of storage tanks with a capacity of handling different types of cranes, heavy workshop, all kinds of hangars of pedestrian bridge and underpass, implementation of steel structures related to the refinery factories, petrochemical, cement, plaster, etc., to a capacity of 16000 tons per year.

Samples of the capabilities of this factory, present as follows:

  • Manufacturing, transportation and installation of structural steel sections of cement plants and refineries
  • Manufacturing, transportation and installation of fuel storage tanks of refinery tanks and pressure vessels
  • Construction, transportation and installation of special structures such as National Iranian oil company drilling rig
  • Production of light steel structures
  • Production of heavy steel structures
  • Providing services of steel machining industries
  • Scrape yards
  • Design and construction of Niches
  • Design and construction of drilling rig



Factory of coating epoxy / polyurethane inside and outside of the tube with fully automatic system

The plant in an area of 135,000 square meters has been built at Bushehr and all its equipment enclosure around 2,500 square meters have been replaced. An area of 90,000 square meters warehouse for storing raw pipes and tubes covered also been constructed.

As Sadaf Island is currently not connected to the electricity grid, the required power plant supplies through 4 generator power 1700 kW. After grid connection, they could be used as a source of emergency power.

This section discusses two ways to provide service to our customers:

Part I: Fixed system

Materials coating pipe with epoxy / polyurethane includes internal and external pipe coating, pipe coating line with a capacity of 711 to 3000 mm diameter and about 250 square meters per hour is considered.

Part II: movable system

This section has a mobile system for internal and external coating of pipes and pipe coating capacity of 150 to 1800 mm diameter which can be used across the country.

All fixed and mobile equipment and machinery of this line is the advanced type some of them made inside the country and several others are purchased by foreign companies. Consumables required for pipe coating are epoxy or polyurethane at the request of the employer or any other polymer coatings.

Coating tube steps:

A brief description of how the pipe coating with epoxy / polyurethane:

  1. Inspection of raw tubes received
  2. Wash tube (if necessary thinner used)
  3. Preparation pipes through bleaching (outside – inside)
  4. The final control surfaces
  5. Coating (internal / external) pipe with epoxy or polyurethane materials. This operation can be simultaneously or separately according to the tube thickness and material carried appointed by the customer.
  6. The final inspection manually or using automated systems.

A variety of standards and tests:

In all steps of coating of the use of international standards and accurate testing is done to achieve superior quality. They are the most reliable include:

  • Pipe coating with Epoxy materials in conformance with AWWA C210-97
  • Pipe coating with polyurethane materials according to AWWA C222-97
  • Thickness testing more
  • Dry thickness testing
  • Adhesion test
  • Hardness Test
  • Holliday test
  • Test to measure the level of salt

Tubes are coated after ensuring that the conditions listed above are in accordance with the standards and tests will be delivered to the client.



Factory of Concrete pipe coating / Enamel

Production factories pipe diameter and thickness of concrete is coated on the tube. However, the daily production of tubes with a diameter of 32 inches is estimated at around 150 lengths of pipe 12 meters.

Steps to coat pipes:

  • Loading raw tubes
  • Procurement of necessary materials
  • External anti-corrosion Coating
  • Coating concrete pipe
  • Installation of anodes (sacrificial)
  • Quality control inspections
  • Loading and bracing tubes

Some important characteristics of this plant is as follows:

  1. A) The distance between Tehran and Bushehr = 1100 km
  2. B) The distance between the plant and Bushehr Airport = 15 km
  3. C) The total area of plant = 300 thousand square meters
  4. D) Area of production halls = 10 thousand square meters
  5. E) Area office buildings = 2 thousand square meters
  6. F) Area of Warehouses = 2200 thousand square meters (indoor) +285 thousand square meters (open)

Production range:

  • Pipe diameter: at least 4 inches (8/101 mm) and a maximum of 56 inches (1/424/1 mm)
  • Tube length: according to API 5L
  • The maximum weight of crude steel pipes 13 tons of coated pipes: 30 tons
  • Production: 15 branches per hour for pipes with a diameter of 32 inches

Standards used in coating of pipe:

  • ASTM
  • BS
  • ACI
  • API
  • DIN
  • ISO
  • SSPC
  • NACE



Factory of cooling towers and water treatment systems

Manufacturing technology of FRP in diameters from 3 to 40 feet are designed and built. These fans are produced in such volume range is exclusively available to the company because of the raw materials used in its structure has the various advantages.

– Less vibration than a similar steel and aluminum.

– Ability to use at temperatures from -20 ° C to + 120 ° C-

– High resistance to corrosive chemical environments.

The capabilities of this factory are as follows:

  • Design and construction of cooling towers of the wet concrete
  • Design and implementation of water treatment units
  • Design and implementation of industrial wastewater treatment units
  • Design and implementation of water pumping stations
  • Designing and implementing units of nitrogen
  • Designing and implementing optimization of compressed air
  • Design and implementation of fire-fighting water network
  • Design and manufacture of FRP axial fan with blades
  • Making axial fan air coolers and cooling towers and wind farms
  • Development of concrete tanks
  • Manufacturing of metal constructions



Shipbuilding and heavy offshore construction yard factory

The capabilities of this factory are as follows:

  • Engineering design and manufacture of heat transfer equipment – including various types of heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers Air Cool
  • Air condensers
  • Process packages
  • Kinds of fin tube heat transfer equipment for gas and steam combined cycle power plant



Shipyards and Offshore Qeshm Island

The capabilities of this factory are as follows:

  • Build ships
  • Construction of offshore structures

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