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Row Project Description Location/Country Client or Contractor Type of Work Fields
1 Financing of Two Jack Up Drilling  Rigs Bandar Abbas NIOC EPCI
2 Phase 15 – South Pars South Pars gas field POGC EPCI
3 Two Jack Up Drilling  Rigs South Pars gas field POGC EPCI
4 The new refinery of Heavy crude oil of Soroush field South Pars gas field Soroush oil refining EPCI
5 South Pars Oil Layer South Pars gas field Petro Pars Iran EPCI
6 Offshore pipelines dewatering and wastewater discharge of Bandar Abbas Desalination Bandar Abas Asian Water Development EPCI
7 Supply and implementation of GRP pipes and fittings Water Supply of Ghadir Khouzestan Khatamol-Anbia PC
8 Supply and implementation of pipes and fittings for water from reservoirs Shahneh to iron ore of Choghart Choghart National Iranian Steel Company PC
9 Construction of two 6,000-horsepower tug operational fire-eater with power and propulsion systems ASD Kharg Oil Terminals Company EPCI
10 South Pars, Phase 14 Onshore- Pack. 10A,10B,10C South Pars gas field Industrial Projects Management of Iran EPCI
11 South Pars Phase 19 Sea water Intake South Pars gas field Petro Pars Iran EPCI
12 Construction of phase 19 gas refineries Southern Pars Petro Pars Oil-EPCI
13 Construction of phase 22 & 24 gas refineries Southern Pars POGC Oil-EPCI
14 Construction of phase 13 gas refineries Southern Pars POGC Oil-EPCI
15 Construction of phase 12 gas refineries Southern Pars POGC Oil-EPCI
16 Construction of gas compression station unit 106 phase 20/21 Southern Pars OTCC Oil-EPCI
17 Construction of the third phase of Urea and Ammonia Pardis Petrochemical Complex Pardis Petrochemical Complex Pardis Petrochemical Complex Oil-EPCI
18 Shazand Refinery development Arak Consortium Consultants citric structures Oil-EPCI
19 Construction of NF1 unit of Bandar Imam Petrochemical South Pars Refinery Bandar Imam Petrochemical Petrochemical-EPCI
20 Covering submarine pipelines Phases 4 and 5 South Pars gas field (Agip) ENI EPCI
21 Concrete coating and installation of pipelines Phases 6, 7 and 8 South Pars gas field STATOIL PCC
22 Concrete coating drinking water pipe                    Qeshm – Bandar Abbas Bandar Abbas Iran Marine Industrial Company CC
23 Salman platform Phase 1 Salman area PEDECO Installation
24 Salman platform Phase 2 Salman area PEDECO Installation
25 The development of South Pars gas field Phase 19 Southern Pars Petro Pars EPCI
26 Intubation, mechanical and coastal  civil development area A, B, C Phase 14 Bandar Imam Petrochemical IDRO-IPMI Petrochemical
27 South Pars Gas field Phase 1 Southern Pars   CI
28 Soroush and Nowruz fields 1     EPCI
29 Expansion of the A & E Siri Field Siri Island   CI
30 Bandar Anzali Port Bandar Anzali Development of Ports Department EPCI
31 Crushers of Siri Island Siri Island IOOC Installation
32 Multifunction Port Khark Island Department of Transportation CI
33 Renovated and refurbished  supply port Khark Island IOOC Maintenance
34 Bandar Abbas refinery penstock Bandar Abas NIOPDC EPC
35 Polyethylene petrochemical Kurdistan Kordestan NECC EPCI
36 Tabriz refinery gasoline unit Tabriz Energy Industrial Engineering Design EPCI
37 pure terephthalic acid Unite (PTA-1) Mahshahr Special Economic Zone Tondgoyan Petrochemical complex EPCI
38 The first urea plant in Asaluyeh Asaluyeh PIDEMCO EPCI
39 Kharg Methanol Complex Kharg Petrochemical PIDEMCO EPCI
40 Abadan oil refinery naphtha unit Abadan Oil Refinery NIOC EPCI
41 Cooling pumps  of oxygen and galvanized unit Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company EPCI
42 Electrical systems and instrument refinery phases 15 and 16 Asaluyeh POGC EPCI
43 Piping, Equipment and Civil Works Refinery Phase 14 Southern Pars Industrial Projects Management Company Installation
44 Kharg Island Airport Runway Extension Kharg Island   Construction
45 Pumping Station and Oil Pipeline Lavan Island IOOC EPC
46 Construction of 7 floating and fixed roof tank Kermanshah NIOPDC Construction
47 New Sirri Island injection  Unit Siri Island IOOC EPC
48 Installation the new swipe platform Siri Island SC Installation
49 Submarine pipeline Bahregansar Bahregan oil region IOOC EPCI
50 Maintenance and repair of Tondgoyan martyr Petrochemical complex Mahshahr Tondgoyan Petrochemical complex Maintenance