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The Consortium

Omid Pars Consortium contains 9 prominent subgroups as SAFF, ROSEMOND, SADAF, PARSHASSAS, FARASAN, FARABARD, ABAN AIR COOLER, FOOLADPAYE and POTK. As a result, based on this power and its equipment and also facilities such as piping manufacturing, epoxy, coating, and reactor manufacturer factories, Omid Pars Consortium is able to accomplish onshore projects especially EPCF projects.

Since 1993 Sanaye-e Frasahel Company (Saff) has been established in order to fulfill the growing needs in the field of oil industry. Beside that Saff Company has completed many installations and commissions related to oil and gas platform. Moreover, this company has been able to perform offshore structures, ports facilities and oil terminals, subsea pipeline as well as design, procurement, manufacturing and repair of marine vessels up to 60M, pontoons and barges up to 130M.

Rosemond Engineering, Management and Investment Company has been founded for the sake of providing services in numerous fields such as oil, gas and petrochemical industries, Marine Industry, Water and Power Industry besides Biotechnology Industry. Likewise, Rosemond E.M.I. is involved in a wide variety and comprehensive range of Engineering, Management, and Investment activities in relevant profitable plans.

Since 1986 Farassan Company has started its activities by manufacturing composite product in Iran, and now this company is the greatest manufacturer of composite production in Iran including pipes and fitting made from Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP). The company, with the goal of becoming one of the three top companies manufacturing GRP pipes in the world, and by utilizing Iranian and European expert experiences, has become a reputable manufacturer of pipes and GRP fitting among all countries.

Since 1993 ParsHassas Company has started its activities by furnishing electrical and instrumentation construction services to oil, gas and petrochemical industries. These services were extended through chemical, tire and car manufacturing companies. In addition, ParsHassas manufactures control cubicles, calibration equipment and electronic instruments for process industries as well as electrical and instrumentation detail engineering and engineering for procurement services. ParsHassas Repair & Calibration  center  were established  in  Bandar Imam  Petrochemical  Special  Economic Zone  to provide required  technical services to petrochemical  complexes and other industries.

DARYA FAN QESHM INDUSTRIES COMPANY (Sadaf) as one of the pioneers in Oil and Gas industry, benefiting from the modern technical knowledge and high quality in providing Engineering, Procurement & construction services for performing its projects, considers all of international standards obligations to reach its goals. The some activities of Sadaf are Transportation and Installation of Heavy Weight Marine Structures, Subsea and Shore Pipe and Cable Laying, Pipe Coating, Salvage, Offshore Drilling, Shore Pulling and etc.

Since 1983 Potk-e Shiraz Company has started its activities by utilizing one of the largest forging press in Iran as well as unique facilities of production, advanced Metallurgy lab and especial experts. This company has been prosperous to design and product more than 200 key and sensitive pieces with diverse application in various industrial fields. Some of the major activities and experiences of Potk Company have been to accomplish design and construction of different forging templates and pieces with Steel, Super Alloy, Aluminum, Copper, Titanium and etc.

Since 1987, Farabard Company has started its activities by construction of central fans made of advanced composite. This company is one of the main suppliers of these fans used in Cooling Towers as well as Air Coolers in various industries like oil refineries. Petrochemical complexes, power plants and etc.

Since 1996, Aban Air Cooler Company (AAC) has started its activities by engineering, production, supply, installation and commissioning of heat transfer systems for oil, gas and petrochemical industries as well as power plant cooling systems, skid mounted process packages and water refrigeration packages for variety of applications.

Since 1952, FooladPaye Fars Company has started its activities by manufacturing heavy steel structure, including the hall light, heavy container, storage tanks, steel structures for refinery, petrochemical, cement, plaster and etc. This company applies new methods of construction (MMC) and metal frames (LSF).