New projects

MRI Namazi Hospital Structural Construction

Omid Pars Consortium has been able to implement the steel structure of Namazi Hospital. Location: Shiraz Namazi Hospital site...

South Pars Desalination Pipeline Project

Omid Pars Consortium is proud to announce that with the support of research and development and innovation, it ...


Anahita Refinery Omid Pars Consortium has launched the Anahita Refinery Excavation Project The refinery is being built in western Iran and in Kermanshah...


Finishing installation of South Pars GRVE desalination pipeline

Start installation of South Pars GRVE desalination pipeline

Finish Structure MRI Project

Quality Control

High quality has distinguished us, our employers recognize us as the highest quality.

knowledge management

Knowledge is the only sure source of sustained competitive advantage and organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of...

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About Us

Omid Pars Oil & Gas Development Consortium with the aim of providing extensive technical engineering services in the fields of design...


Omid Pars Consortium is one of the pioneers of oil and gas and petrochemical industries in the country with the aim of globalization with a commercial and integrated ...


We have been able to implement a variety of complex projects,the most importent of which you will see below...