GRP & GRVE Pipe :

We are known as the hub for manufacturing and exporting composite and nanocomposite products in the Middle East and Asia.
Modern composite pipes are a good replacement for all types of pipes such as Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Cupper Nickel – Titanium alloy. Metal pipes are a very good alternative to corrosion in metal pipes.
Since these tubes are made of fiberglass and resin fibers with special proportions, the manufacturer can achieve the desired properties by choosing the right composition and amount of materials and selecting the appropriate process. The types of pipes manufactured by the manufacturer are as follows:

GRP pipes
GRVE pipes
GRE pipes
Jacking pipes
Abrasion/Erosion resistant pipes
Fire retardant pipes
Anti-static pipes
Petroleum Products Transfer (PPT) pipes
Uni-Axial pipes
Bi-Axial : mechanical strength similar or higher than steel pipes
Monel composite pipes
Titax Pipe (replace with Titanium pipe)
Earthquake resistant pipes
Chemical fluids resistant pipes
Pipes for transferring potable and raw water
Pipes appropriate for urban and industrial sewerage networks
Pipes for irrigation purposes

These products are marketed in Omid Pars’s large collection of brand names “Farassan” and “Faratac”.