Omid Pars Oil & Gas Development Consortium with the aim of providing extensive technical engineering services in the fields of design, consulting, supervision and execution of major transmission line projects, Onshore & Offshore Petrochemical, Construction and Implementation of all development projects within and It has emerged overseas and with the help of highly skilled and capable professional forces has been able to take a new approach in providing technical and engineering services and to satisfy its employers and stakeholders.

Along with its capabilities, the company has set itself on the path to achieving the country’s long-term development goals and is ready to design and execute any project, experience, expertise and modern management based on the world-renowned oil industry development consortium. And it has put Hope Pars among prominent contractors in the country and the region.

The most prominent capabilities of Omid Pars Consortium:

۱٫ Perform engineering design services for installation and implementation of various types of pipelines onshore and offshore

۲٫ Designing, engineering, purchasing and installation services, all types of offshore and offshore drilling rigs, as well as implementation of “EPC” underwater and offshore cabling and piping projects

۳٫ Design and implementation of a wide and varied range of refinery units in the oil and gas industry as EPC and Turn Key

۴٫ Construction of ports, docks and oil terminals for storing crude oil and gas condensates

۵٫ Designing, engineering and manufacturing of various storage tanks and heat transfer equipment, including types of cool air heat exchangers and shell and tube heat exchangers, gas and steam power plants and combined cycle

۶٫ Manufacturer of heavy steel structures, including light and heavy nail design halls, types of overhead cranes, steel structures for refineries and petrochemical plants.

۷٫ Installation of electrical equipment and instrumentation in the petrochemical industry

۸٫ Manufacture of “cooling fan” and accessories, in various systems such as “cooling towers” and construction of water treatment units, pumping stations and …