Construction and Architecture

Construction and Architecture
The development of our beloved country depends on construction, and modern methods of construction nowadays include a wide range of technologies, including tilt-up construction. Omid Pars Consortium with the ability to plan and execute a variety of construction projects, buildings, bridges and dams, sports – entertainment and commercial spaces and special instruments, including concrete and steel, any type of mechanical and electrical installation using World-class technologies are used to promote creative thinking, adapt to different cultures and architectures around the world, and strive to create a suitable environment for achieving their high goals and speeding up and improving the quality of construction. has it.

South Pars Phase 17 & 18 Shelter Hall Structures
Construction of Bandarang Steel Bridge
Steel Structure for Shiraz Petrochemical Company
Design and construction of new steel unit heater calculators of Shiraz Petrochemical Complex
Construction of Hegmatan Cement Mixing Hall, commissioned by Sanat Construction Company
Construction of Hegmatan Resin Cement Central Repair Hall with a tonnage of 411 tons
Construction of various halls in East Cement
Construction of the production hall of Tehran Kahrizak Ironworkers’ Union with an area of ​​۱۱۱۰۰ square meters
Construction of Shiraz Sky Aircraft Nest with 74 m span without column, Sky Aircraft Client
Construction of metal parts and equipment project inside Cement Ney Riz Fars Company including cyclones, preheaters and cooling towers with a tonnage of 1180 tons
Construction of the production hall of Niroo Trans Company according to the example of Mobarak steel production hall with a capacity of 1100 t, by the Ministry of Energy and consulting engineers of Sano.
Designing, supplying materials and manufacturing MRI department of Namazi Hospital of Shiraz
Excavation of Anahita Kermanshah Refinery