Consulting And Designing Onshore And Offshore Projects

Consulting And Designing Onshore And Offshore Projects :

Omid Pars Consortium is ready to transfer knowledge and execute huge oil, gas and petrochemical projects by successfully implementing a variety of projects at various levels of the pipeline projects onshore & offshore, relying on the latest technical knowledge.
Following is an overview of the activities of this consortium in the fields of design and implementation of offshore and offshore transmission lines.

Offshore capabilities:
• Through the implementation and installation of various deep-sea pipelines
• Design and construction of platform and pier
• Installation of platform and deck
• Development of gas fields
• Design and manufacture of crushers
• Design and manufacture of heat transfer equipment
• Construction of harbor
• Installation of power lines
• Performing a variety of diving activities
• Repair of all types of ships and vessels
• Rescue of sunken ships
• Types of marine mapping and hydrography
• Sea bed cabling
• Deep-sea drilling with modern equipment

Onshore Abilities:
• Design and construction of water pumps and pumping stations
• Design and construction of compressor
• Design and installation of all types of structures
• Deep-bore drilling
• piping
• Production of GRVE & GRP pipes
• Manufacture and installation of Air Cooler
• Design and manufacture of drilling rigs
• Design and implementation of all petrochemical and refinery units
• Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of marine fuel loading terminals
• Design and manufacture of air condensers and process packages
• Design and manufacture of fin tubes and heat transfer equipments for gas and steam power plants and combined cycle
• Design and construction of steel structures and niches