Imagining the future of the world with fossil fuels is almost impossible, and no one knows that the future of the world is free of fossil fuels and that human energy will be supplied in other ways that have less environmental impact.
Energy is one of the most important factors for development and development of the country. On the other hand, dependence on fossil fuels has reduced the value of these valuable resources and is finally over. Energy consumption, especially fossil fuels, is also a major contributor to air pollution and climate change. For this reason, the optimal use of energy in the process of economic development has always been an important goal of sustainable development. Therefore, cuts in oil revenues will seriously affect the country’s development process if not properly planned and foreseen. The technical and economic inefficiency of energy consumption and the loss of approximately one-third of all energy is possible by optimizing and improving resource and process utilization, conversion and transmission of energy. Consumption processes and increasing environmental problems From that, the necessity of managing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency and productivity in our country is already revealed.
Omid Pars Consortium, with years of experience in the energy field, is well aware of the importance of developing this industry, and with the innovation of presenting new proposals, it is important that the development of new and renewable energy industry be an important step in enhancing Islamic Iran.