Manager’s message​

Manager’s message​:

The road to success is always being built, success is progressing, not reaching the end.
The great Omid Pars complex has been established with the aim of implementing the largest projects. We have half a century of experience in our collection, and this Experience is the beacon for the future of the oil and gas industry. We believe that implementation is the biggest issue not addressed in today’s management, and its absence is the biggest obstacle to success and most of the failures that are mistakenly attributed to other causes. Therefore, implementation in Omid Pars Consortium is of great importance. In addition to implementing the highest management standards in all parts of our collection, we have been able to implement the latest methods of implementation and management in this implementation. Instead of focusing on the strategic plan, we have turned to strategic thinking and ideas, and this has led to thinking that from the moment of flowering to the moment of implementation, it will not take long.
We are always on the road to success. Let’s build.