Omid Pars Consortium is one of the pioneers of oil and gas and petrochemical industries in the country with the aim of globalization with a commercial and integrated function in the executive and oil and gas engineering and petrochemical operations. The company has been keenly present in the domestic market, increasingly efficiently and internationally, and has long-term national and international interests.

  • Values:

• Integrity;


• Loyalty;

• Entrepreneurial spirit;


• learning culture;

• Endurance.

  • Mission Statement:

The mission of Pars Hope Consortium is to achieve the goals defined in the framework of doing business in a profitable way at home and abroad, in order to meet the needs of the customers and to assist the development process of the country.

Mission Goals:

• Applying best practices to industry in the Middle East

• Creating value for people, stakeholders and the community;

• To promote responsible use of oil, gas, petrochemicals and energy resources for sustainable environmental and economic development of the host country;

• Development of world-class industry professionals.

• Achieve sustainable development and profitable growth.

• Attract and promote talented people and turn them into elite employees.

• Utilizing the most advanced technologies to achieve world class performance.

• Meeting customer and employer expectations of quality and service.

• Establishing the highest industry standard in the fields of environment, health and safety.