Oil and gas and fluid transmission lines
Given the growing global population and the increasing demand for energy, the energy industry needs long-term leadership and guidance. In many countries, the oil and gas industry is regarded as one of the country’s vital industries and an industry of economic growth. Therefore, to determine the factors affecting supply and demand and to counteract the momentary changes of this industry in the global markets, a sure step should be taken in this regard.

The Omid Pars Consortium, in collaboration with its powerful, dedicated and committed members, seeks to identify and manage the risks and uncertainties that exist in the field of oil, gas and energy and eliminate these barriers in the business cycle by planning and Invest in this field to serve the community and produce products.

We are always striving to work with our employees and their subsidiaries to address issues with the highest possible speed and quality, and through consulting and engineering services and implementing the most effective solutions in the oil, gas, petrochemical industry. And to help our sea and land energy facilities improve our and society’s development.

Construction of Shiraz Refinery Air Tank Trays
Manufacturing Fan Bushing Parts of Shiraz Refinery
Construction of Volvo Well Oil Control Hub as forging by South Zagros Oil Company
Design and construction of Tabriz Petrochemical Cooling Towers
Design and construction of Mobarak steel petrochemical cooling towers (oxygen and galvanized unit)
Design and construction of Tehran Refinery petrochemical cooling towers
Design and construction of Zagros petrochemical cooling towers
Persian Gulf oil rigs
Construction of 24/22 phase gas refinery
Construction of Phase 13 gas refinery
Construction of Phase 12 Gas Refinery
Construction of Phase 19 Gas Refinery
Construction of gas pressure boosting station 106 unit 21/20
Construction of Phase III Urea and Ammonia Pardis Petrochemical Complex
Tabriz refinery gasoline
Shazand Refinery Development

Fluid Transmission Line
Omid Pars Consortium has the latest equipment and technologies to design and implement integrated industrial solutions and provide solutions for various maintenance, transportation and processes of the oil, gas, refining and petrochemical industries, drinking water, wastewater, wastewater and water supply systems. The power transmission channel is a traffic jams, and has always been a pioneer in this field.

Designing and manufacturing of Farasan Pipe & Fittings production line
Design and manufacture of pipe and fittings production line (export to South Korea, Turkey)
Seawater Transfer to Kharg Methanol Unit
Transfer of chemicals and seawater to Zagros Petrochemical
Transmission of seawater to the blade cycle power plant
Persian Gulf Star Refinery Water Transfer
Transfer of cooling tower water to condensers of Ba’athat Power Plant
Seawater Phases of a South Pars Gas Field
Seawater in the Cooling and Volcanic Water System of Phase 14, 17 and 18 of South Pars Gas Field
South Pars Phase 14, 16, 22 and 24 Desalination
Water transfer from river to Azar oil field as EPC
Replacement of EPC seawater lines of southern Hormozgan Steel Complex
Implementation of Chlorination Systems and Construction of Sand Filter Tanks and other Drinking Water Treatment Plant No. 1 in Shiraz
Completion of the Zayandehrood Water Transmission Line to Yazd
Long-term water supply plan for the Special Economic Zone of Petrochemical from 1300 to 2000 AD 52700 m (86206)
Pipes and fittings with a diameter of 200 to 800 mm 77260 m (section II of Choghart iron ore)
Pipes and fittings with diameter with a pressure of 16.20 bar to 212 meters for industrial use of Bandar Abbas Refinery
۸۰۰mm diameter pipe and fittings with working pressure 10 bar to 2000 m for water supply to Ahwaz
Pipes and fittings with a diameter of 200-200 mm with working pressure 6 times 3813 m for water supply to lasband