Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels :

Our team builds on EPC, DB and DBB design and implementation of integrated industrial solutions based on the technical know-how of R&D specialists and teams using the latest equipment and technologies available , Pioneers and processes in the various industries of petroleum, gas, refining and petrochemicals, drinking water, wastewater, water supply system and energy-efficient canal.
For the first time in the Middle East, our company manufactures composite tanks up to 5mm in diameter. We are one of the largest manufacturers of composite tanks, composite tanks and advanced composite equipment.

We have obtained the patent for composite coatings within the GRP well as well as the certification of technological capability in the fields of 1- Designing and manufacturing of composite components (GRP, GRVE) for quenching; GRP, GRVE) up to 50 bar pressure up to 1200 mm in diameter; – Design and construction of atmospheric and pressurized composite tank (GRP, GRV) for chemical transportation and storage (up to pressure 1 – Design and construction of composite tank (GRP, GRV) Atmospheric Pressure Drinking Water Storage and Design; – Design and Manufacture of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite Components; T have been. Our products in global markets with the brand “Farapax” are known