Project Management

Project Management:

Project Management at Omid Pars Consortium utilizes the latest world-class methods and implements their standards, including PMBOK & Prince2, to manage and control the project in the best possible way with the skilled human resources and resources needed by the units. Specialist organized. Project management oversees all major project processes in terms of engineering, procurement, construction, and execution of schedules, and oversees planning, organizing, and controlling processes. Project Management is able to:

Integrate and coordinate the components within their subset to increase the efficiency and effectiveness and achieve the project goals in terms of contract time, budget allocated and quality defined according to the project spec.
It also makes use of management dashboards on resource allocation, defining project implementation strategies, removing potential barriers (risks) and project decision challenges.
Other project management roles generally include:

Drafting the charter,
Project Scope Management
Effective communication with all project stakeholders
Manage and control stakeholder commitments
Project Delivery to Client and Project Completion

Planning activities at the Omid Pars Consortium are carried out in all units of the organization and all programs are aligned with the strategic plan of the organization. Large enterprise planning is done in the following areas:

  1. Organization
    • Strategic planning to achieve the company goals and vision
    • Budgeting, resource allocation to projects and cost control
  2. Project
    • Discipline planning
    • Integrated planning to realize the project commitment plan

Planning tasks and capabilities in the company generally include:
• strategic planning
• Identify and evaluate internal and external factors affecting firm performance
• Formulating company strategies (annual and multi-year) (
• Prioritize the implementation of formulated strategies
• Coordination between different levels of the company to achieve the strategic goals of the company
• Adaptation of company plans and projects to corporate strategic plan goals
• Summary, preparation and presentation of periodic analytical reports on the performance of different areas of the company in order to execute strategic plans and projects of the company for reflection to the Board of Directors.

• Cost control
• Estimate the total budget of the project (broken down into different phases of the project / contract)
• Estimated cost and project profit and loss balance
• Preparing EV Reports (calculating the value of CV, SV, CPI and EAC indices)
Provision of provisional and provisional statements
• Investigate the status of contractors
• Preparing and reviewing the delays bill
• Discipline planning
• Developing six-month and yearly plans to meet organizational unit goals to elevate key process indicators (KPIs)
• Monitor program execution, measure KPIs, and report to unit management.
• Planning to carry out project activities in accordance with the macro project plan and reporting to the project planning and control unit
• Project planning and control
• Preparation of Work Breakdown Structure (PMS) & Detailed Project Scheduling in MSP Software), (Primavera
• Integrate and coordinate scheduling plans in specialized project units (engineering, procurement, construction and implementation)
• Keep track of project activities according to schedule.
• Updating project schedules as work progresses.
• Identify reasons for delay in preparing compensation plans
• Prepare daily, weekly and monthly progress reports.