RowProject NameLocationEmployer
1Execution and installation of the offshore section of the South Pars desalination pipeline with GRVE materialAssaluyehFarab Company
2Hormozgan water desalination polyethylene pipeline engineering, installation and implementation projectHormozganPars company
3EPCI Marine Pipeline, Plem, – FSU New Soroush Field in Persian GulfSoroush oil regioniooc
4Engineering, installation and purchase of submarine cables between Resalat and Reshadat platformsLavan oil regioniooc
5Limited engineering, installation and purchase of Behrangansar submarine pipelineBehrangansar oil regioniooc
6Install the New SWIP platformSiri IslandSaba Company
7Engineering, purchasing and installing submarine cables between Siri Island and Nasr platformSiri Islandiooc
8Unloading and loading of ship engine, engine room roof and super structureYard IzuikoIzuiko company
9Coverage of Pardis Petrochemical Reservoir PipesSouth Parskhatam
10Construction of process units of gas refinery phase 22/24South ParsPars Oil and Gas company
11Construction of process units of Phase 13 gas refinerySouth ParsPars Oil and Gas company
12Construction of process units of Phase 12 gas refinerySouth ParsNaawgan Engineering and Construction Company
13Construction of process units of Phase 19 gas refinerySouth ParsPetroPars
14Construction of gas pressure boosting station, unit 106, phase 21/20South ParsOTCC
15Construction of the third phase of urea and ammonia of Pardis Petrochemical ComplexPardis PetrochemicalPardis Petrochemical
16Construction of cold water cooling package system equipment, phase 16/15South ParsMapna Company
17Gasoline construction of Tabriz refineryTabrizEnergy Industry Design and Engineering Company
18Development of Shazand refineryArakStructural Consultants Consortium, Syneric
19Methanol of Shiraz Petrochemical ComplexShiraz PetrochemicalNational Petrochemical Company
20Unit ۱ NF Bandar Imam PetrochemicalBandar-e Emam petroleumBandaramam Petrochemical Complex
21Installation of Salman Phase 2 (EPC2) platformSalman regionPEDECO
22Installation of Salman Phase 1 (EPC1) platformSalman regionPEDECO
23Loading, transporting and installing the SPOL platformSouth ParsSaff company
24Covering and installation of phase 6, 7 and 8 pipelines of South Pars gas regionSouth ParsStatoil
25Polyurethane and epoxy coating of seawater inlet pipes in Mobin PetrochemicalAssaluyehIranian Marine Industry
26Carriage and installation of 2.1 SPD platforms in South Pars gas fieldSouth ParsPetroPars
27Concrete coating 80 km of ۲۴-inch Abuzar pipelineBushehriooc
28Khark Island pipeline coverageKhark IslandValentine Maritam Kish Company
29Concrete coating of Qeshm-Bandar Abbas drinking water pipelineBandar AbbasIran Marine Industrial Company
30External and internal coating of polyurethane pipes 2400 mmAssaluyehkhatam
31Polyurethane coating Interconnection pipes Nar-gas booster stationBushehrFarab Company
32Installation of wharf unloading and loading armsThe port of Shahid Rajaei portBandar Abbas Oil Refining Company
33Coverage and installation of sea and land pipes, phases 4 and 5 with the participation of SaipamSouth Pars 
34Covering pipes related to Salman 2 EPC projectSalman regionStatoil
35Installation of water inlets from the sea to Mobin Petrochemical ReservoirAssaluyehIran Marine Industrial Company
36Installation of 24-inch spools and risers of Abuzar oil rigsAbuzar oil regioniooc
37Made of 7000 ton barge (LB90)Saff YardSadaff
38Sandblasting and painting of oil rigs in Behregan regionPersian gulfQeshm Structural Oil Company
39Install jackets Hengam E2 and E4Hengam oil field developmentQeshm Structural Oil Company
40Construction of PCLV75 barge pipe and cable transferSaff YardSaff company
41Petrochemical light polyethylene projectKurdistanNaawgan Engineering and Construction Company
42Auxiliary and main cooling system of combined cycle power plantGenavehMapna Company
43Construction of cold water cooling package system equipment, phase 16/15South ParsMapna Company
44Phase ۱۸/۱۷ cooling systemSouth ParsIPMI
45Phase 13 cooling system packageSouth ParsMapna Company
46Basic repairs of the cooling systemKhark PetrochemicalKhark Petrochemical
47Alkali chlorine unit of Shiraz Petrochemical ComplexShiraz PetrochemicalNational Petrochemical Company
48Reconstruction of Lavan crude oil stabilization unitLavan Islandiooc
49Pure Terfetal Acid Unit (PTA-1)MahshahrShahid Tondgovian Petrochemical Complex
50Assaluyeh First Urea UnitAssaluyehPetrochemical Industries
51Architecture and facilities of Urea III of ShirazNext to Shiraz Petrochemicalmetatek
52Abadan refinery gasoline production increase planAbadan Oil RefineryAbadan Oil Refinery Company
53Razi Chemical Water Treatment UnitMahshahrChemical secret
54Fajr Petrochemical Compressed Air Separation UnitMahshahrFajr Petrochemical Complex
55Khark Methanol ComplexKhark PetrochemicalPetrochemical Industry Development Management
56Nafta branch of Abadan oil refineryAbadan Oil RefineryNIOC
57Alfin Sixth – AmirkabirMahshahrAmirkabir Petrochemical Complex
58Khorasan Petrochemical AmmoniaBojnourdKhorasan Petrochemical Complex
59Design, construction and construction of a cooling and galvanizing unit cooling pumping stationEsfahanMSC
60Design and construction of a cooling tower pumping station unitEsfahanMSC
61Design and engineering unit of cooling tower pumping stationTabrizTabriz Polytechnic Company
62Construction of cooling tower pumping station unitTehran Oil RefineryTehran Oil Refinery
63Design and purchase of cooling tower pumping station unitZPCIRZPCIR
64Design and manufacture of tanks using ozone production and injection equipment in waterShirazMinistry of Power
65Reservoir construction operationZPCIRZPCIR
66Design and construction of Khorasan steel tankKhorasan Steeliritec
67Design and purchase of chemical injection unitTehran RefineryTORC
68Bardsir Steel Chemical Injection Unit in Steel Building UnitIKCOIKCO
69Purchase, implementation, pre-commissioning of power systems and precision instrumentation of refineries phases 15 and 16AssaluyehPOGC
70Installation and pre-installation of electrical equipment and precision instruments in phases 6, 7 and 8AssaluyehPetroPars
71Maintenance and repair operations of Shahid Tondgovian Petrochemical ComplexMahshahrSTPC
72Repair and maintenance services of Kavian Petrochemical Complex unitsAssaluyehKavian Petrochemical
73Electricity operations, precision instruments and telecommunications areas 1, 12 and phase 14 of South ParsKanganPOGC
74Installation of electrical equipment and precision instruments of Khuzestan Auxin Steel CompanyAhwazoxinsteel
75Repair and maintenance units of Amirkabir Petrochemical ComplexMahshahrAKPC
76Double-circuit UT-2 power substationMahshahrBandar-e Emam petroleum
77Installation of electrical equipment and precision instruments EO / EG Maroon PetrochemicalMahshahrMPC
78Production of Ghadir water supply pipes and fittings with a diameter of ۱۴۰۰٫۱۵۰۰٫۱۶۰۰٫۱۸۰۰ mmGhadirkhatam
79Production of pipes and fittings with a diameter of 300.400.500.600.700.800.1200 mmSistan and BaluchestanAbfars-b
80Long-term plan to supply water to the Petrochemical Special Economic ZoneSpecial areaPetrochemical Special Economic Zone
81Pipes and fittings with a diameter of 200 to 800 m (the second part of Choghart iron ore)Choghart YazdAlborz Route Company
82Pipes and fittings with a diameter of 800 mm with a working pressure of 10 bar to supply water to AhvazAhwazKSC
83Pipe and fittings with a diameter of 900-200 mm with a working pressure of 6 bar to supply water to the labsLasabidKWPA
84Install the top side of the SPOL platformSouth ParsSaff company