Quality Control

Quality Control
High quality has distinguished us, our employers recognize us as the highest quality.
We are committed to executing and completing projects of the highest quality and with high engineering capability we provide our clients with the necessary and sufficient quality assurance.
 Tasks and capabilities in this section generally include:
• Preparation and approval of ITP (Inspection Program and Quality Control Tests) for each item supplied by manufacturers and vendors and performing activities in workshops and conducting tests or supervising tests,
• Conduct timely inspections of goods and materials at the ITP Project Vendor and Vendor workshop.
• Issue IRN and SRN related to goods inspected by TPA and provided to relevant authorities
• Providing and maintaining the necessary equipment, supplies and supplies for project quality control
• Controlling, performing laboratory tests (if required) and monitoring compliance with the requirements of all relevant international standards and regional standards when designing projects (in accordance with Project ITP)
• Examine the results of the tests and authorize the continued operation if the results are accepted
• Documenting the results of tests and quality control
• Review and confirmation of final documents of the creators
• Provide periodic and case reports to the project manager and company headquarters.