Shipbuilding :

The shipbuilding industry in Iran has a very long history. The oldest discovered maritime document in Iran was found in Khuzestan. The history of civilization in this area dates back to six thousand years BC. However, there are other documents that show the high level of knowledge of Iranians in this industry. The most important of these documents was discovered during the excavation of the new Suez Canal in 1866. In this inscription, the excavation of the old Suez Canal by order of Darius, the Persian king, after the victory over the Egyptians, is mentioned.

These signs are also found in more recent historical artifacts, from the construction and purchase of ships and warships during the Sassanid period to the fleets used for strategic studies during the Afshari period to explore neighboring shores.
Relying on knowledge and with the aim of localization, we have designed and built a variety of light and heavy ships and vessels.